It Takes No EffortTo Be Yourself

To Be Yourself

Ian Watson is an author, trainer and consultant who has worked in the field of natural health and personal transformation since 1988. He has written four books and many published articles, created numerous audio programmes and travelled extensively giving seminars, courses and retreats around the world.

Ian became widely known as a speaker and writer in homeopathy, which he taught and practised until 2003. He has also studied and practiced a wide range of techniques for emotional and psychological well-being, always seeking out the simplest and most effective methods he could find.

Ian’s work is now grounded in an understanding of the Three Principles of mind, thought and consciousness, uncovered by the late Sydney Banks. This is a unique approach that transcends the limitations of traditional psychological and self-development methods. It is not technique-based, relying instead on a simple shift in perception that allows for clarity of mind, wisdom and profound well-being to emerge naturally from within.

Learning the principles has proven to be the ‘missing link’, pulling together all of the threads that Ian has explored during the past three decades. Ian completed an intensive
Three Principles Trainer’s Training programme with Cathy Casey and Dr Mark Howard, two of the most experienced facilitators in the world who both learned directly from Sydney Banks.